rectangular fire damper, 120 minutes, manual and motorised construction

General Details

SXN fire damper

The fire dampers are used in ventilation systems –installed in ductwork – in order to configure the fire compartment limits. In case of fire on any side the multi-blade fire damper closes the fire compartment automatically to prevent the propagation of fire and hot gases.

The SXN fire dampers comply with the requirements of MSZ EN 15650. Fire resistance tested according to MSZ EN 1366-2 and classified in accordance with MSZ EN 13501-3.

  • SXN-O-S – manual construction
  • SXN-O-E – motorised construction


  • EI120 (ve, ho i ↔  o) S

Technical data

  • Width B [mm] 200 – 1500
  • Height H [mm] 200 – 1000
  • Certificate of Performance according to 305/2011/EU
  • Can be installed in wall with 115 mm of thickness and in ceiling with 150 mm of thickness
Technical drawing


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