smoke control damper to control the exhaust of smoke and hot gases, 90 minutes, automatic activation, HOT 400/30, multi-compartment, 24V/230V

General Details

BRK-J/EI90/G/M/HOT multi-blade smoke control damper

The multi-blade smoke control dampers can be connected to a smoke extract duct system certified conform EN 1366-8 and/or in/on a wall bounding a fire compartment, where it serves for a controlled exhaust of the smoke and hot gases.

The multi-blade smoke damper can operate at High Operational Temperatures as well. Can be opened and closed within 30 minutes operating at temperature conditions below 400°C (HOT).

The BRK-J/EI90/M/HOT smoke control damper comply with the requirements of MSZ EN 12101-8. Fire resistance is tested according to MSZ EN 1366-10 and classified in accordance with MSZ EN 13501-4.


  • EI90 (vedw, hodw i ↔  o) S1000C10000 HOT400/30 AAmulti

Technical data

  • Width B [mm] 200 – 1500
  • Height H [mm] 150 – 1500
  • Mounting lenght L [mm] 200
  • AA automatic activation
  • Casing air leakage to MSZ EN 1751
  • Declaration of Performance according to 305/2011/EU
Technical drawing