Smoke exhasut damper, single compartment, 120 minutes, MA/AA activiation, 24/230V

General Details

AP-SDSC/E600S smoke exhaust damper

The BRK-J/E600 is a motorised rectangular multi-blade smoke exhaust damper that allows smoke to be extracted from the single compartment area by qualified smoke extraction system (according to EN 1366-9).

The smoke exhaust damper AP-SDSC/E600S conforms to EN 12101-8, EN 13501-4 and EN 1366-10.

Fire resistance class:

  • E600 120 (vedw i ↔ o) S1500C10000 AA/MA single

Technical datas:

    • Width B [mm] 200 – 1250
    • Height H [mm] 200 – 1000
    • Mounting lenght L [mm] 150
    • AA automatic activation / MA manual activation
    • Air tightness C class acc. to EN 1751
    • Declaration of Perfomance acc. to 305/2011/EU
Technical drawing