SFC-P-E smoke exhaust damper

square cross-section smoke damper, 120 minutes, motorized design

General Details

SFC-P-E smoke exhaust damper

The SFC-P-E smoke exhaust damper can be connected to a certified smoke extract duct system and/or in/on a wall bounding a fire compartment, where it serves for a controlled exhaust of the smoke and hot gases or to supply fresh air.

For multi compartment application, when using an automatic fire alarm system (AA).SFC – P – E smoke exhaust damper with actuator – MOTOROS – the size of smoke exhaust dampers is limited to a gross area of 1.5 [m2]


  • EI 120 (vew how i ↔ o) S1000C 1000 AA multi

Technical parameters

  • Width B [mm] 200 – 1200
  • Height H [mm] 200 – 800
Technical drawing


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