air grilles made of aluminium

General Details

ASD/ADD air grilles – horizontal

Supply and return air grilles are designed to be used in HVAC. Directly mountable to wall opening and air duct.

  • ASD – simple line grilles
  • ADD – double line grilles


  • ASD – frame and blades are made of anodised aluminium, individually adjustable blades
  • ADD – the first line of the frame and blades are made of anodised aluminimum, the second line of the frame is made of steel


  • …-H – horizontal, parallel with the longer side
  • …-V – vertical, parallel with the shorter side
  • …-F – blades are fixed in 45angle


  • screw fixing through the frame
  • hidden fastening rejtett rögzítődobozzal


  • ALN – control damper with manual adjustment steel sheet
  • AZN – opposed blade action control damper steel sheet
  • FKN – mounting frame
  • BBL – plenum box with side connection
  • BBF – plenum box with upper connection
Technical drawing


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