At the time of the foundation of our company, we dreamed about creating a company that can offer a complete solution to all customer demand for any area of air technology. We are proud of in our first complete operating year AEROPRODUKT Zrt. sold the most AHU in Hungary. Since then by enlarging our product range and exploring new market opportunities we are active on the Eurpean market. As a result 30% of our revenue in 2016 came from the exportmarket. In 2011 when the company was founded the employee stock was filled up with experts of air technology. Thanks to their knowledge and decades of experience our company is regarded as an esteemed air technology manufacturer in Hungary.


  • air handling units
  • air grilles and accessories
  • diffusers and accessories
  • fire and smoke protection products
  • fans
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     Certificate issued by Magyar Innovációs Szövetség

    Certificate of Honor issued by Magyar Termék Nagydíj 

    Certificate issued by Csongrád Megyei Kereskedelmi és Iparkamara Csongrád térségi szervezete

Point of view

In the future, our most important strategic direction is continuous innovation. With this approach, our aim is to develop products in line with current standards and legislation, respond to constantly changing market demands and stay ahead of our competitors. In addition to renewal, we put great emphasis on enriching our product range as our goal is to provide a range of services that cover all aspects of HVAC technology.


Company history timeline


We successfully tested our new AP-SDSC/E600S single compartment smoke control dampers . We participated in the FeuerTRUTZ 2018 International Exhibition in Germany.


We participated in the HUNGAROTHERM International Exhibition in Budapest


We successfully tested the VL-F single compartment smoke control air ducts. We participated in the FinnBUILD International Services Fair and the 47th International Professional Congress and Exhibition in Belgrad. We took part in large projects like DUNA ARÉNA or APPOLLO Tyres tyre factory.


The largest project in 2015 was the manufacturing of more than a 100 AHU for RICHTER GEDEON Nyrt. We participated in the ROMTHERM exhibition in Bukarest.


Testing of the BSK-J/EI90/M/HOT multi-blade fire damper and the BRK-J/EI90/M/HOT multi-blade smoke control dampers in line with the new standards. The Certificate of Constancy of Performance has been issued and the production started.


Founding year of AEROPRODUKT Zrt.