Value & Quality Award Certification Trademark

The Value & Quality Award was announced in the spring of 2018 for the first time. Because of the unexpected cessation of the 20years’ old Hungarian Product Quality Award, the founding Commitee of the Award decided to take the basic vision and value of the tender into another new tender system.

“The honourable title “Value and Quality Award” is the recognition and prize of products, services and economic organizations which are demonstrably committed in their activities towards quality issue giving high priority to the production of jointly and severally high quality goods as well as services. The winners of the application are displaying exemplary models contributing to the development of the economy.”

In 2017, our BRK-J/EI90/G/M/HOT multi-blade smoke control damper was awarded with the Hungarian Product Quality Award in the Hungarian Parliament, thanks to its excellent technical characteristics and uniqueness. In the same time with news of the cessation of the Hungarian Product Quality Award, we were given the opportunity to be entitled to the usage of another new trademark. Accepting the invitation, our product went through another quality assurance process, as a result the Jury of Award certfied the BRK-J/EI90/G/M/HOT multi-blade smoke control damper has reliability, high quality like before.

Based on the result of the control process, our product is entitled to bear the trademark of Hungary’s highest level certification tender system – the Value & Quality Award Certfification Trademark.

More information about the Award can be found here.